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What we do:

  • Create design concepts. Makkadam Design will, in collaboration with you, come up with a vision or design concept for your home that looks, feels and functions right for you.


  • Create design plans. Makkadam Design can plan everything about your home, from broad changes like a new layout to details such as where to place an electrical outlet on the island. We create drawings and 3D renderings to give you a realistic picture of how your new home will look.


  • Confirm a realistic budget. Makkadam Design know the costs of products and materials, as well as the costs to make changes to your home’s layout. Once a final budget is established, we can help you stick with it.


  • Select and specify products, finishes and materials.


  • Help order cabinetry and other products and manage delivery to the home. Ordering cabinetry is a more complex endeavor than ordering a sofa, and we will ensure it’s done right. We may also take charge of tracking materials through delivery.


  • Ensure the project is properly installed. During the renovation Makkadam Design is acting as an advocate for the homeowner and collaborating with the builder to ensure the everything is installed as it was designed.

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