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Services and Fees

In order for you to control your investments, Makkadam Design work on an hourly basis. It gives you the flexibility, and versatility for your project. We do not require that you use specific showrooms, or specific contractors. We have vendors and contractors we enjoy working with, and are happy to refer, but we can work with any contractor or supplier you choose. We offer a complimentary consultation for qualified projects, in order for us to meet, walk through your space, and develop a overall plan about how to proceed. Unfortunately, we cannot take on every project that's presented to us. If we are unable to take on your project at that time, we can discuss a better time frame, or we know talented designers we can refer you to.



A onetime, one hour consultation, consisting of helping you jump start your design scheme. Its a minimal investment, to gather ideas and create the blueprint for getting your home exactly how you envisioned it. You will receive paint color guidance, furniture layout suggestions, accessorizing and overall design advice. Payable at time of the visit. I find that 1 hour to 1 ½ hours for a one time consult works best.                         

INVESTMENT: $120.00/hr. 



    Suitable for kitchen and Bathroom remodels, basements and House Remodels and new build.


Proposal is specified per design process phase (see below). This gives you better budget control and the ability to end the collaboration after each phase.


INVESTMENT: Hourly Rate ($75), with estimate for total hours in initial proposal.


Average investment for design services. These hours are simply a guide.
  -  Kitchen new build schematic design: 3-6hrs+
  -  Kitchen new build design development: 3-5 hrs+

  -  Kitchen documentation: 5-9 hrs+
  -  Whole house new build all phases: 40-60 hrs+


  • Day with a designer. 5 hrs visiting showrooms. $200/day.

  • Trip Charge for projects/showrooms outside the 15 mile radius of Boulder (1/2 hourly rate). 




Assist Developers with development projects to maximize investment with floor plan redesign, material selection, marketing and sales.


Your Agreement includes Schematic, Development, Documentation and Build phases including deliverables.

INVESTMENT: Flat fee ($5/sqft), based on square footage of project.DESIGN PROCESS PHASES



I offer an initial complementary consultation for qualified projects, where we meet to discuss the project, determine scope of work, and determine if we would be a good fit moving forward working together. This meeting will not include major design ideas or suggestions. After our meeting, I will provide a design proposal based on the scope of work, which will include an estimate of hours for each phase. I send the proposal and agreement electronically, and require a deposit at contract signing, in order to be added to my design schedule.


Documents: Legal agreement, First Questions, Design Process, How MD can help.

Deliverable: Proposal including Scope of work.  


  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN: You and your space will be explored! What do you want, what do you need. We try layouts and explore space functions. The goal of this iterative phase is to build the foundation of the project. You will get schematic and 3D layouts (2-3 layouts per project scope).


Deliverables: Mood board, Floor plan and 3D sketches.


  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: More detailed 2D and 3D drawings. Suggestions for materials, finishes, appliances, lighting, plumbing and fittings are made.


Deliverable: Detailed drawings including dimensions, functions and appliances. These can be used to bid for cabinetry. 



  • DOCUMENTATION: Documentation of the design with scaled drawings, general notes, and contractor specifications. 


Deliverable: Specification book to be place on work site.



  • BUILD: The design process is completed on site. The Construction Administration phase includes walk throughs with subcontractors, followed by once-a-week site visits, answering questions that arise during construction, and review drawings.

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